Mega Man III will bring big business to your PlayChoice-system. Because this game is big on fun, excitement and challange!. Contenders blast Mega Man, in his search for energy crystals, through a galaxy of miming stations controlled by ruthless robots. An amazing 21 different levels of rapid fire help Mega Man battle against these armies of metal maniacs to gain their super powers. But the rebellious robots won't give up without using every android-annihilator known to Mega Man. That's when players call on Rush, the wonder dogdroid, for special mechanisms that speed them past danger and assist in enemy melt-down. It's man vs. metal as players have more fun than humanly possible. Nintendo's incredible PlayChoice-library offers a mega-choice of exciting releases: Yo!Noid, TMT II - The Arcade Game, Nintendo World Cup, Dr. Mario, Rad Racer II and Solar Jetman. At Nintendo the action's always out-of-this-world.

Rating: 59/100